Columbia County’s new district attorney working to build office and to close cases


COLUMBIA COUNTY, Ga. (WJBF) – This will whet your appetite; business is booming in Columbia County. Two new Amazon facilities are set to be fully operating soon but it’s the new district attorney who’s really getting down to business.

Bobby Christine was the guest of honor at the Columbia County Chamber of Commerce’s executive luncheon series Wednesday.

“Starting that relationship with a new system, a new judicial system and how the business community can support,” said the chamber’s president and CEO Russell Lahondy.

Christine gave a compelling speech to the county’s business community at the Savannah Rapids Pavillion covering a wide variety of topics.

One-on-one with Christine, we got more in-depth. The new DA’s office will be at the old TaxSlayer building in Evans and it will have a staff of 16. So far, 14 people have been hired.

Christine said, “Two include Andy Pasquale, Alejandro Pasquale, recently a federal prosecutor from the United States Attorney’s office. He has joined us as deputy chief. Also Amber Brantley, a long-time prosecutor in a district attorney’s office elsewhere in Georgia and also the Richmond County solicitor’s office.”

Right now, Christine said his office is working hard to put a dent in the backlog caused by the pandemic. He’s inherited about 2,400 cases.

He said, “Any type of crime that is currently pending is something we obviously have an obligation to get after, but violent crime will be our focus.”

Christine reports he and his squad have been in court every day since they began working on July 22nd.

“We’re just doing what President Lincoln said you ought to do, ‘When you give me six hours to chop down a tree, I’m going to sharpen my ax for four of those six hours,'” said Christine.

As for the critics of the newly formed Columbia County Judicial Circuit, Christine remarked he’s just doing the job he was appointed to do.

He said, “The legislature does what legislatures do. The governor does what executives do. I’m doing what a prosecutor does which is getting after the cases assigned to me and doing the people’s business.”

Folks with the Columbia County Chamber of Commerce are planning to host their community address on September 9th at the Columbia County Exhibition Center in Grovetown.

For more information on the event, click or tap here.

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