HARLEM, GA (WJBF) – “I was thinking, I know it’s going to roll, but I just grabbed on to the steering wheel,” said Larry Coulson, trapped in his Jeep for 11 hours.

That’s all Larry Coulson could do at that point. It was a dark Friday night. He was leaving a driveway off Harlem-Grovetown Road when the headlights went out on his Jeep.

“It was too dark. And I turned in there, and it started sliding. I thought slide if you want too, I’ll put it in 4 wheel and come out of this ditch. When it stopped sliding, it just rolled over,” said Coulson.

For 11 hours Larry laid there with the Jeep on top of him.

“I kept trying to get the windows down. I kept falling asleep,” said Coulson.

Amy James was running a few minutes late for work that day. She’s an ICU nurse at Eisenhower Medical Center.

“I hadn’t had my coffee yet, just trying to wake up. And I saw something that was on the other side of the road. Like I’m going this way, it’s on that side. And I looked and kind of kept going. And it took a bit to register. Was that a tire? Was that a tire up in the air?” said Amy James, found Larry Coulson trapped.

“Amy’s instinct was to turn around. Larry’s family and police had passed by this area dozens of times throughout the night,” said Barclay Bishop, Reporting. “But it was dark and when Larry landed, he landed tucked away in this corner.”

“I got closer and I saw his legs hanging out of the car. And it had rained that night, a lot. I was pulling limbs out of my driveway to get out of my driveway. It was cold. And his white legs. I just knew, I knew he was gone,” said James.

“I wasn’t planning on dying there,” said Coulson.

“And then, he started moving. Well I heard glass move. I said ‘hey, are you okay?’ and he said, ‘yah’,” said James.

“Only thing I could see were her shoes, I never did see her face,” said Coulson.

But we were there when he finally did.

“Oh, it’s nice to meet you too. Gosh you look good!” said James.

The two reuniting just a few days later.

“It is just a miracle seeing you, up and moving,” said James.

Something he’s able to do thanks to Amy listening to her gut and turning around.

“I’m glad she did, because I was definitely tired of laying there,” said Coulson.

Coulson said the worst injury was a sore back. As for his Jeep, he’s had it for 40 years and says going to fix it up and get it back on the road.