COLUMBIA COUNTY, Ga. (WJBF)- Jones Creek residents walking out of Tuesdays Columbia County Commission meeting, angry. 

Back in February residents spoke in front of commissioners hoping they would decline a rezoning to turn the Jones Creek Clubhouse into a hospitality facility, after closing in 2018.  

“He basically said it even before they voted they were going to approve it;  it’s going to be an appeal that’s what we’re going to be look into” said Hammad Sheikh, lives in Joes Creek

During the Tuesdays meeting,  the appeal was dismissed. Those who live in Jones Creek say they want the club house to remain as is.

“What do the residence of Jones Creek want we want exactly what we got when we purchased our homes for the governing pud to be maintained The same way it has been for 35 years is there another residential neighborhood in Columbia county that has a hospitality house and a full-time restaurant right in the middle of it, I don’t think so,” said Trip Manning, President of Jones Creek HOA

Officials are also considering an authorization for a Government Efficiency and Functionality Study in Columbia County. 

 “So what this study is going to do it’s going to give us the opportunity to see if it’s feasible determine the pros and the cons potentially incorporating and consolidating what is not already A city into a city in Columbia county,” said Scott Johnson, county manager

  Johnson says this will not affect the current cities in Columbia County. 

 “The sheriff’s office will still provide our law enforcement We will not have the need for a police department our fire department will still provide fire services there will be no need for an additional fire department so there’s no need to stand up an additional city it would just be incorporating what we have and consolidating that at the same time so we would be able to pretty much function the way we’re functioning now but we will be able to have the benefits of being a city as well,” said Johnson

Johnson also says after the study is completed;  they’ll get Citizen involvement to determine whether this is a good plan for the county