Grovetown Officer celebrated during National Police Week

Columbia County

GROVETOWN, GA (WJBF) – It’s National Police Week, a time to honor the men and women in blue who protect and serve the public.

Allison Foster serves two roles: a lieutenant over Grovetown’s criminal investigations division and the station’s public information officer.

“The job is to serve the community. That’s why you get into it. That’s why you want to do the job: to keep the community safe and be transparent with them,” said Lt. Allison Foster.

For Foster, balancing the two roles isn’t always easy.

“We work everything from your violent crimes to your crimes against people, financial crimes…I like to say that Grovetown is little big town. In that aspect, we take every case as serious as the other. So, we want to convey that to the public. Anything involving children…those really hit home. Unfortunately, there’s things that happen…there’s bad things that happen and being able to be there for a child during those hard times…pointing them in the right direction…those are the ones that really stick with you,” said Foster.

Foster’s hard work has earned her the Officer of the Year award from the Columbia County Exchange Club, an award she was nominated for by her department.

“It’s a huge honor in itself. I was with some really good company from the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office as well as Harlem Police Department. So, those guys were equally deserving,” said Foster.

Foster’s accomplished career was almost cut short after sustaining an injury at the police academy.

“About the first day or second of defensive tactics, I tore my ACL and I had a big decision to make at that point: Am I going to carry on with this or am I going to stop? It was actually one of the hardest decisions to make. Actually, a few days after my father suffered a massive stroke I was actually the one that found him. That was hard. You know, my dad is fighting through this thing and trying to get himself through it. He’s in the middle of the fight for his life, so I took that sign and I realized this is a fight for my life, for my passion, and to better our community. So, I got myself through it,” said Foster.

Foster’s strong will and support from her family kept her going.

How important is family to you?

“It is everything. My son is adopted and he’s my world. As soon as we were able to adopt him, everything changed for me and that’s what I do it for. My entire family there is what I wake up for every morning to get out of bed for.”

National Police Week is a time to thank officers for everything that they do for us, and a reminder to why we say “Thank you for your service.”

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