EVANS, Ga. (WJB) — Columbia County School Leaders have August 3rd marked on their calendars as the first of the day of school. Parents, students, and educators are wondering how the next academic school year will play out.

“The school district believes that a student learns best in a face-to-face environment,” said Dr. Sandra Carraway.

There are two options for students and parents to choose from before returning. The first option is “the traditional model.” Students will have in-person classes, with good hygiene being forced. Students and staff will have the opportunity to wear face masks and be advised to social distance.


“I’m sure that parents understand these challenges,” explained Dr. Carraway. “They also know that we will do all within our power to address these challenges like they do when they go places.”

The second option is a “learn-from-home environment.” Dr. Carraway says the lesson plans, this time, will be more rigorous.

“With the start of a new school year, there is new instruction and new material,” said Dr. Carraway. “We will have to shift back into a level of instruction that meets the requirements of a traditional learning environment.”

This April 9, 2020, photo released by Kara Illig shows her son, Eli Illig, 10, on his computer in Ebensburg, Pa. (Kara Illig via AP)

If a student or parent chooses the learn-from-home option, the student will have to stick with it for the entire semester or grade cycle.

“If parents intend to send their children to school in the traditional model, no action is required,” said Dr. Carraway. “We are expecting all of our children to come to school. However, parents who opt to have their children learn from home will need to register their children that way. We are asking them to make that decision and register their children no later July 1st.”

Tentative open house dates are July 28th – July 30th. The Superintendent of Schools is also proposing to have graduation at The Lady A Pavillion again.