Columbia County students warns others she’s “going to shoot-up the school”

Columbia County

UPDATE: Greenbrier parents, faculty and staff are concerned over the lack of notification of the threat allegedly made by Ariel Simpson.

Statement below by CCBOE:

“Thank you for the opportunity to respond to public concerns regarding this matter…. when this past Monday afternoon after school hours they received this report of a threat, they immediately involved the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office. The deputy acted upon the incident, and the school initiated disciplinary action, as well. Unfortunately, because they determined the matter was not widely known or disruptive and had been resolved, they did not recognize the need to share the matter with their public. However, we all recognize that this should have been shared with stakeholders and, in the future, they will share such matters in an effort to keep families informed. Ms. Shelton will be communicating with her stakeholders today.”

COLUMBIA COUNTY (WJBF) – A Greenbrier High student was arrested Monday for allegedly threatening to shoot up the school.

Ariel Celeste Simpson, 17, was charged with terroristic threats and acts.

The Principal told deputies that the student allegedly told fellow student basketball players about her plans.

Simpson allegedly said, “Y’all wear green tomorrow. I’m going to shoot up the school.”

Shelton told deputies that she interviewed Simpson who admitted to making the terroristic threat in the school cafeteria. Five witnesses gave written statements about the threat.

Simpson was arrested and taken to jail.

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