Columbia County details how the school bus system work this school year

Columbia County

EVANS, Ga. (WJBF) — In less than six weeks, kids will be returning to school, if they choose to. Columbia County School Leaders says the most significant obstacle this school year will be transportation.

“It always that first week or two of school we have car-riders,” explained Penny Jackson. “Now, given the concerns about school busses and social distancing, we anticipate more parents bring their child to school.”

Like most public schools, Columbia County is working on plans to keep students and staff safe when schools open up. There are a lot of changes this year, including the bus system. Assistant Superintendent Jackson says this year; there will be assigned seats and sibling sections.

“For middle and high school students, in the past, we separated boys one side, girls on the other,” said Jackson. “However, we will probably have a sibling section so students can sit with their siblings, so they are around folks they are comfortable with.”

The School District will force social distancing on the school bus, just as the stores and restaurants do. Buses will be cleaned after every route, and students will be encouraged to wear a face mask.

“We will not want them lined up right behind each other,” said Jackson. “We will have areas where you don’t pass this point before getting on, and then they will go straight to their seat.”

If a majority of the kids in neighborhoods elect to learn-from-home, the bus will still come to pick up kids to go to school.

“Our buses are going to run a route,” said Jackson. “If it’s in a neighborhood of one kid, we’re going to pick that child up.”

Health experts say sometimes we forget that we are in a pandemic. The assistant superintendent is letting parents know the school district will force CDC Safety Guidelines.

“They will reiterate what we need to do,” said Jackson. “If we see it get out of hand, we will remind the kids, and we’re probably going to have to do that.”

Parents will be notified if a bus driver or a student on the bus tested positive for COVID-19 or came in close contact with a person who has it.

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