COLUMBIA CO., Ga. (WJBF)- Columbia County commissioners made a motion to approve a new hospital authority at Tuesday’s meeting.

It’s all part of an ongoing plan to build a hospital.

“This is the first step in that process so we will now come back with additional information it will be public to commissioner to set out some guidelines that goes along with the hospital authority how the appointments are made how many people what their credentials are,“ said Scott Johnson, County Manager.

Commissioners also heard concerns about  increasing the number of members on the county’s board of elections.

“There has been a lack of transparency in the process we are very concerned about item two what actions by commissioners would be affirmed by the resolution. The resolution recommends the expansion of five members but is silent on the methodology for selecting the additional members,” said Debby McCord, Col. Co. Republican party, Chairwoman.

Commissioners took the item off the agenda, but McCord is still calling for them to  vote against the resolution.

“Such changes can be viewed as an attempt to influence the election and election policy in our county and potentially result in legal action against the county,” said McCord.

The board also approved an ordinance to stop illegal panhandling in some areas. There is an exception for private property owners who want to sell certain things.

“So we have gone and amended this ordinance to prohibit that behavior and other like behavior still gives people the opportunity to solicits girl scout cookies selling girl scout cookies on private property do that with the permission of the property owner so it does do away with people who don’t have permission and also keeps them out of the road,”  said Johnson.

The next Columbia County Commission meeting will take place March 7th.