Columbia County school buses equipped with detailed GPS system to keep an extra eye on drivers and students

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COLUMBIA COUNTY, Ga.(WJBF) – From the moment your child leaves home and heads to school, every minute on the school bus is tracked with technology within the Columbia County school system.

“We can do a live view, we can do a historical view on what the bus did yesterday or several days past,” said Safety Supervisor Donna Hattaway.

Hattaway is talking about a GPS system equipped on every Columbia County school bus and she says it’s extremely detailed.

“We can see where they stop, if they’re making a safe stop, how long they stop, it also shows us the speed,” said Hattaway.

Columbia County Parent Guy Tucker says that’s good technology to have.

“As a parent, you want to know, especially when they’re small, where they are at all times. You want to make sure they’re in safe hands and that you have communication with the people in charge who are with them when you’re not there,” said Tucker.

Hattaway says it also lets parents know if their child made it onto their bus.

“We have parents who may call in the morning and they’ve been waiting on the bus and they haven’t seen it. We can go to GPS and look at the routes to see what time the bus should have gotten there and we can say, ‘Yes ma’am, the bus was there, we saw it slowed down two miles per hour and did not see a student there,'” said Hattaway.

So, the next time your child hops on the bus, Hattaway hopes parents feel more at ease knowing there’s an extra eye on their child at all times.

“We do want parents to feel a comfort with us…that their students are safe. That’s our main goal when transporting students,” said Hattaway.

If you’d like to know more about the GPS system, you can call the Columbia County Transportation department.

That number is (706) 541-0657.

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