COLUMBIA COUNTY, Ga. (WJBF)- A rezoning plan for a property on Clanton Road and Old Pearre Place in Evans is being postponed for discussion once again.

The property rezoning was presented to the Columbia County Board of Commissioners in July, to build more homes in the area. People who live near the neighborhood say they’re concerned about this project.

“Once these people get in here and their property is backed up to Old Pearre… if it’s six o’clock on a Sunday evening and they’re out cooking and I’m on a tractor I can see that being a potential problem in the future” said Roy Wright, lives near Old Pearre Place.

But one of  the property developers says the plan could be a good idea for the community.

“ I think it’s a good plan I want you guys to have some time to look at it I want the staff to have chance to look at it and we’re going to probably meet sometime next week to go over there any concerns they may have on it” said Keith Lawrence, CSRA Development Company.

Others say they are worried about their property values.

“We don’t know what price these homes are going to be and I’m sure they’ll be much less than the people in subdivision and we just don’t know how it’s going to affect the value of our property.” said Sandra, lives in the area.

Roy Wright lives near Old Pearre Place. He says there are ongoing, unresolved problems, and this project would just compound those.

“that’s the trash that was dumped there recently there has been somebody redid their landscaping and just dumped hedges right there” said Wright.

A further discussion regarding the rezoning is set for the September meeting.