COLUMBIA COUNTY, G.A. (WJBF) – New developments are coming to Mullikin Road. The Columbia County Planning Commission approved the plan to bring a 51 Single Family Residential lot to the area.

“I’m afraid that if I came and clear cut all of this, I’d have to stand before God and he’d be like, you did what,” said Adam Cotter, with Cotter Developers.

Adam Cotter bought the property on Mullikin road along with his wife. He’s planning to develop the area into lots and sell it off to builders.

“So our intention right now is to put in a very premiere neighborhood. Larger lots few houses more of an exclusive with all of the amenities. So, think of your River Island neighborhood or your Westlake but a much more concentrated smaller group of people,” said Cotter.

The plan passed 4 to 0 by commissioners at Thursday night’s commission meeting, but there were some concerns from residents.

“Well, it concerned me because they voted to approve without all of the information,” said Trina Carter.

Trina Carter lives just off Mullikin Road. During the meeting she raised the question about a timeline for construction.

She said, “They all looked at each other and didn’t know the answer but they already voted to approve the conceptual phase.”

“The confusion was because we didn’t turn in actual development plans tonight. Tonight, was the first step where the planning commission reviewed conceptual development plans which is just a very general plan for the development,” said Bill Corridor, the project engineer.

But developers tell me the projected construction is set to begin at the end of this year,  into early next year. Another big concern was the environment.

“There’s a lot of documentation on silt build up, highlands in the river and now you’re contributing to all of that.”

The developer says with his plans he’s actually preserving that area. He  took NewsChannel 6 on a tour of the parts of Mullikin Drive that he says will be preserved.

He says, “Originally this was all one piece of family land going from the river all the way down to almost the elementary school and overtime it’s developed into a couple different pieces and basically what we’ve done is put those pieces back together, because our intention is to not develop any of this land right here.”

Cotter says the Columbia County vision called for more than 100 homes to be built in that area.He says 
they’re choosing to bring in  51.

Once Mr. Cotter has ownership of the land for a year he’ll apply for a Conservation Easement, which is a legal agreement that no one will be able to build on the land or bring in any other developments that would potentially harm that environment.