COLUMBIA COUNTY, Ga. (WJBF)- The Columbia County school board  is putting the finishing touches on its latest building program. The board member have  on approved architects for schools throughout the district.

School Superintendent says equipment shipments  and  renovations are well under way.

“That will help us move forward to the next phase of the building program phase one is what we’re on right now and so that will start will architectural  work around Evans high school and lakeside high school and than that will culminate with Harlem high school,” said Steven Flynt, School Superintendent.

The school district is also partnering with Richmond County public school system and the Junior Achievement of Georgia to build a discovery center near Riverwatch parkway.

“We are right now looking at the hiring of a contractor I don’t think they’ve completed that process but that’s junior achievement work so when that happens we should see a little bit of ground breaking out there once that happens we’ll be well on to opening probably October next year,” said Flynt.

Junior Achievement currently has five discovery centers across Georgia. Columbia and Richmond County will be home to its 6th center.

It will offer two programs for middle school students to learn plenty of life skills. Those programs are called Biz town and Finance park.

“So biz town students actually take on the role of a business owner and learn about operating businesses and cost around that and than finance park they’re actually taking on the persona of an an adult where they get to work with personal finance,” said Flynt.

The complex will hold more than 15 thousand middle school students.