COLUMBIA COUNTY, Ga. ( WJBF) – The Columbia County Sheriff’s office is the first in the nation to use a new mobile app designed for law enforcement officers.

Thin Blue Defend is an app that will help deputies in Columbia county and other law enforcement officers document use of force incidents.

The mobile app is being used by the deputy and their attorney when involved in incidents like an officer involved shooting…. Noting why they used forced and what took place while on the scene.

“Even in instances of somebody potentially being on armed if there’s a fight or if there’s a threat or if there’s another suspect close it just allows them to document the conditions of the scene and how they were thinking and feeling and why they took those actions” said Adrienne Browning, attorney.

The mobile app results are used in court which can impact a deputies future like proving force justification which helps them keep their current position, or if force is unfounded which can result in demotion or even jail time.

“It’s hard right now for law-enforcement agencies to recruit and keep good officers it’s just like which mother wants to encourage their child to go into law-enforcement and we all know the better people that we can recruit and keep The less incidence we probably will have” said state representative Barry Fleming.

Doug Parker who is the creator of the app and a 30 year GBI veteran says with many incidents he has seen in law enforcement he hopes this app helps the future of law enforcement when it comes to recruitment.

“Hopefully nobody has to use it but you better start because of what’s happening over the past four or five years you better document every use of force no matter how slight” said Douglas Parker.