AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF)- As the day turns to night, and weather gets colder, people like Anthony Hampton are hoping for a place to stay warm.

“ if you’re a shelter  how can you put us out and you asking people for donations but  you doing otherwise because a person is denied you don’t know what the situation was because they missed that night” said Anthony Hampton, lives under bridge near 13th and Greene.

Most homeless shelters in Augusta have a 90 day stay rule – leaving people like Hampton to sleep in nearby parking lots and under bridges.

“ so where are the homeless to go under the bridge or whatever to get blankets and stuff like that I have cardboard and things from people that come through“ said Hampton.

On Sunday May Park community center will open as an overnight warming shelter…

“ so if folks want to take advantage of the warming shelter opportunities they will need to be a may  park by 9:00 PM doors open at 6 PM and will close at 9 PM there won’t be any re-entries“ said Commissioner Jordan Johnson, District 1.

Commissioner Jordan Johnson says through partnership with the City of Augusta and the Parks and Recreation department, they’re doing everything they can to help.

“ we want to make sure folks have a warm place to go throughout the winter weather the last thing that we want is to wake up to a headline that one of our homeless brothers and sisters have passed due to not having somewhere warm to go” said Commissioner Johnson.

“ pray for everyone out here and under the bridge coming up to this cold weather that we have and that we don’t lose nobody you know due to the cold and stuff like that and just keep bringing donations we except them food blankets like I said sleeping bags that’s what we’re mostly needing“ said Hampton