Clemson football fans, players share rituals, routines & superstitions to win championship game


CLEMSON, S.C. (WSPA) – No matter if you’re on the field, in the stands, or somewhere else cheering on the game, it seems almost everyone has a ‘special method’ to help bring home a win.

We’re talking about superstitions.

A handful of Clemson fans and football players have admitted to specific rituals or routines that they do before games to ensure victory.

Husband and wife, Len and Carole, said they aren’t going to New Orleans and plan to be home for the game.

“We’re going to repeat what we’ve done for the last two championships. We had dinner at the Oyster bar. So we’re going to have dinner there again the night of the game,” Len Rock said. “We’re not going to change anything. It worked for the last two games. So we’re going to do it again.”

Clemson defensive tackle, Nyles Pinckney, said he’s not superstitious but he does have routines.

“Just like drink a Pedialyte before the game, to make sure I stay hydrated. Or even just like, do the same thing with my socks, like have the same wrinkle and everything like that. Just kind of keep the same thing,” Pinckney.

Clemson punter, Will Spiers, echoed Pinckney’s feelings about having a routine.

“Telling myself something, like a little key to remind myself before I go out there. Just doing the same steps and routine before I actually punt the ball,” Spiers said.

Clemson defensive end, Xavier Thomas, admitted he’s got specific pregame rituals and a music play list that help him.

“I always talk to my mom and my girlfriend before the game. Probably read motivational texts and just get ready. Just focus in and things like that. Really just mainly my music though,” Thomas said.

Clemson University professor, Dr. Christopher Parkinson, said he’s not ashamed of his superstition because it helps win games.

“I am a superstitious man. I was at the national championship last year and I wore my Dabo socks and I’ll be wearing my Dabo socks again this year,” Parkinson said.

On Monday, Jan. 13 starting at 8 p.m. is when the Clemson Tigers will face off against the LSU Tigers for the 2020 National Championship game.

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