AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Major developments in the East Augusta Drainage Project. City crews begin the first major step of the project by getting rid of the old drainage pipes running throughout East Augusta.

“We did have a lot of floods and stuff out here,” said Maxine Hamilton, a resident.

 It’s the beginning of the end for a severe flooding problem out of in East Augusta.

“Yeah, I have my driveway sometimes full of water. So, I’m glad he getting something done for the folks out here in East View,” said Hamilton.

Maxine Hamilton has been living off on Macon Street for almost a decade now. Thursday morning, she witnessed history as city workers began uprooting the current pipes running throughout East Augusta to install new ones. Workers walked NewsChannel 6 through that process.

“We’re actually relaying it, so they’ll have a brand-new water line. The old water line is just an old waterline and we’ve had issues. So, we wanted to go ahead and upgrade it to current standards.

The current waterline runs about 5- thousand feet, and workers are hoping to have that line completely removed in the next three to four months.

“The drains have just met its age. We’re talking about this neighborhood being built in the late 50’s early 60’s and not having much infrastructure renewal since then. So going into a neighborhood going behind houses and tearing those large pipes that were put down decades ago is so essential,” said Augusta Commissioner Jordan Johnson.

Johnson says this is the first phase of many and this project is similar to what took place in Marion Homes.

“This will be about a two-year process, but after that process is completed, neighbors will see sidewalks installed, roads repaved, new waterlines installed and pipes that are large enough to route water to a channel so that folks won’t have to adjust their days and lives just because of flooding due to rain,” he said.

Once this phase is complete city workers will begin drainage remediation in the Hornsby subdivision, Cedar Street and Sand Barr Ferry.