City wants yard waste out of storm drain system


AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF) It’s a catch basin on Central Avenue, but it appears to be catching plants  clogging up the system.

“The catch basis are clogged which in turn clogs up the pipes on the ground so it is an issue,” says Abie Ladson, Engineering Department Director.

Leaves and other materials will find their way into the storm system, but what the city says needs to stop are people doing yard work from making the situation worse.

“It’s a very huge problem people just blowing their yard waste into the drainage system it clogs the drains up and over a period of time you have grass actually growing out of the drains,” says Commissioner Bill Fennoy.

We caught up to this inmate crew cutting the median on Central Avenue, clippings and leaves were getting into the street,

“We can no longer afford to do that we have to be conscious of what we are doing,” said Fennoy.

But a crew member was blowing the clipping and leaves back onto the median and that’s following the law.

The code prohibits putting, grass leaves and tree trimmings into city streets and gutters,

The code says those items are to be placed in bags at the curb for pickup,

Some might say it’s only some grass and leaves but city officials say it doesn’t take a lot to clog the catch basins.

“We’ve actually monitored the catch basins where we’ve  had a rain a couple of rain events within a couple of weeks we actually had pounds and pounds of leaves debris gravel and everything that was in the catch basin,” said Ladson.

Commissioner Fennoy says he place a discussion of the code on next week’s committee meeting agenda he says he wants to make sure people are aware of it and that you could face punishment for violating it.

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