City Run Probation Services Faces Major Step


(AUGUSTA,GA) Augusta city leaders consider a major step to get back into  the probation business.

Commissioners scheduled to vote  Wednesday on approving 330 thousand dollars to begin the process of replacing Sentinel probation services  with a  a city run office.

The company has faced numerous legal challenges,

So the plan is for the city to hire the staff so the  the probation office up and running by next year.

” I think it’s very important for us to one have a real time line in terms of our execution and implementation of being able to get it done and so I think Tomorrow’s conversation will be focused around just that one how do we best implement   what does that look like and and what will be the initial cost,” says Mayor Hardie Davis.

City leaders say the annual cost of replacing Sentinel would run more than one point two million dollars the mayor isn’t sure if probation fees and fines would cover all costs to taxpayers the first year.

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