AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – At Diamond Lakes, it’s been a long summer for visitors. 

“It’s been a bad situation without the bathrooms. You have to go use the port-o-johns, and you have to think about your hygiene when you got to use those port-o-johns,” said Darrell Williams.

The restrooms at Diamond Lake are out of commission for the complete renovation of the park’s two scoring towers.  

The towers have been plagued by leaks caused by storm water for more than a decade even after more than a half a million dollars in repairs. 

In February, commissioners approved another $850,000 to finally fix the issues. 

“We had about twenty drains on each side that had pipes that ran through the building. We have since changed all that piping out, so everything throughout the building is brand new. It seemed like a lot for what has already been spent out here, but it was actually needed,” said Interim Central Services Director Ron Lampkin.  

The city is facing a major deadline. Diamond Lakes hosts the world military softball tournament at the end of next month, and with more than 2,000 players, the towers need to be ready.   

“I’m looking at the last week in August or either the first or second week in September. We want to get these open for the big softball tournament,” said Lampkin. 

That is good news for Diamond Lakes regulars who have spent months without the use of the restrooms 

“For that big event, they’re going to have them ready, but they should have been ready. They should have been ready a long time ago,” said Richard Bridges.  

 It’s been a long time, but Diamond Lakes scoring towers appear to be getting back in the lineup.