City of Grovetown explains new system for trash pick-up

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CITY OF GROVETOWN, Ga.(WJBF)- When it comes to trash in the city of Grovetown, some residents are expressing on social media that  they’re confused about recent changes.

“It’s been a little bumpy, we’ve had some challenges, the roll out wasn’t as smooth as we would have liked. Change is difficult,” said City Administrator John Waller.

Right now, the city picks up residents regular trash weekly.

“In addition to that, what Grovetown has done for years and years and years is go by every day and pick up two different types of trash,” said Waller.

That includes inert trash like grass clippings and branches and rough trash like old furniture, boxes and appliances.

But the city is growing rapidly, and the city council voted against raising the tax rate.

So, the city is changing how it handles picking up those types of trash, in order to keep the service free.

“We split the city in half- a red half and a blue half. And while it’s the same amount of trash, by focusing on just one half of the city at a time, and picking up every other week. It allows us to be more predictable,” said Waller.

The new plan will keep the city from having to hire more employees.

The crews that handle road maintenance, which also currently handle putting up the city’s Christmas lights, will be taking care of picking up bulk and yard waste.

Richard Miller says he’s lived in Grovetown for forty years and understands how times have changed..

“They had to make some changes as big as the city has gotten ya know,” said Miller.

He adds that you can’t knock a free service.

“I’m just pleased with it. I think they do an excellent job,” said Miller.

As for the city, Waller says they’re always open to new ideas.

“We’re going to continue to get better and I received an email from a concerned resident asking a bunch of questions. I responded to his email and said we’re always open for criticism or comments. If someone out there has a better idea, touchdown,” said Waller.

There are some things that the city can’t pick up.

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