AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)- New downtown improvement projects will take place in six areas.  5th, 6th, 13th, Telfair, Broad, and Greene Streets.

Contractors hosted an open house to show what will be done. They also notified businesses that operate in those areas.

 “We do communicate with businesses in person as the contractor we put our contract to go talk to whoever is the manager there to let them know will be working on that,” said Hameed Malik, Director of Engineering and environmental services.

 The projects will bring new bicycle lanes, and a reconstruction of the James Brown monument area.

“Well I think that this is a good project because it handles a lot of the old aging infrastructure in the downtown area and so I hope that folks which is better with us while progress is being made and as we always do we try to have community Townhall meetings and update as project are complete but I hope that folks understand that this project will take a while,” said Commissioner Jordan Johnson, District 1.

All construction is expected to be finished within two years.

“These projects are going to be started up at the same time It is going to be challenging yeah but that’s the time frame 23, 24 close to the end of 25,” said Malik.

During the meeting some residents raised concerns about maintenance and traffic flow.  

“Making sure their residence are notified timelines are all the questions and I believe that with the city having our ability to make sure that folks are updated and the way that we go out and do public meetings I think that those concerns can be answered very easily but they were all valid concerns,” said Johnson.

“It is a construction that will be an inconvenience end it will not be perfect so we may have to from time to time it may not go the way that we want it so basically everybody needs to be patient and communicate with us and will do our best to address their concern” said Malik.

They also say they will make sure to post pictures and displays on the city’s website so you know what to expect.