City of Aiken responds to lawsuit over alleged body cavity search

City of Aiken Public Safety_47809

AIKEN, S.C. – The city of Aiken released a statement Tuesday morning in reference to a widely publicized lawsuit alleging Aiken public safety officers illegally conducted a body cavity search during a traffic stop in 2014.

Below is the statement News Channel 6 received:In response to recent media coverage and inquiries regarding events of October 2, 2014, we, the Aiken Department of Public Safety, respectfully state:1. The traffic stop was a legal stop conducted as part of an ongoing narcotics investigation based on information received from a documented, reliable informant.2. At no time during the traffic stop, was a body cavity search conducted, nor were any private body parts exposed to the public as alleged. 3. Based on our review the comment attributed to our officer, which was quoted in the complaint as “You gonna pay for this one boy,” was not made by our officer, but instead was made by the vehicle occupant.We remain dedicated to maintaining the highest level of integrity, service, and accountability to those we serve.

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