City leaders tour two rec facilities


AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF) Bernie Ward’s Director Stan Brown was giving city leaders the low lights as he lead a tour of the facility, that he says is plagued with problems.

“This whole city should be upset about you shouldn’t have a city facility, in that condition the way it is now how run down dilapidated and left out,” said Commissioner Marion Williams.

Brown pointing out leaks in the ceiling creating mold problems trip to the bathroom showed plumbing issues, and he says -there was- a problem, with rats in the but that’s been addressed.

“We had to put some more wood there to keep the rats from getting in,” Brown pointing out.

Bernie Ward was also quite dirty, Brown saying there isn’t a full time maintenance man at the center but cleaning service is used.

After seeing Bernie Ward City leaders traveled to Warren Road, where they also found problems with roof leaks and other issues but Warren road was a a a cleaner the difference was troubling for commissioner Williams .

“We ought to hold the same accountability to everybody not just one side there’s been total neglect and somebody should answer for it myself,” said Commissioner Williams.

City Administrator Janice Jackson took part in the tour, and wasn’t surprised at what she found saying they’re issues at both.

“What I saw today reiterated what I believed the first few months I was on the job is that historically the organization has not properly maintained it’s facilities, said Jackson.

But this one looked better than the other one,

“it maybe better organized,” answered Jackson.

Despite the issues especially at Bernie Ward an inspection found no safety hazards that would require shutting the doors at Bernie Ward or Warren Road, city officials  say a shot in the arm is coming for Bernie Ward with 360 thousand dollars in sales tax funding for improvements that voters approved.

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