City leaders respond to not letting EEO Officer speak


AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF) The Administrative Services Committee voted to have J.G. Long sit down and not speak out.

With only Commissioner Andrew Jefferson willing to give him his say.

“I was curious I wanted to know what had to be said and I wanted the world to hear what had to be said,” said Commissioner Jefferson.

Before he was fired earlier this month Long sent commissioners an email saying there were problems in the compliance department where he worked as EEO officer.

Problems that included undue outside influences in EEO investigations.

“The notion he has raised around undue influences I don’t know what that means particularly in terms to of what he is alluding to,” said Mayor Hardie Davis.

Long didn’t get a chance to say more after Commissioner Dennis Williams made the motion Tuesday to shut him down,

“It was going to get to the point where it started off yes this is my personnel issue and it would have jumped over to an employment issue we did not need to discuss that in open forum,” said Commissioner Williams.

Commissioner Ben Hasan said city policy kept Long from speaking.

A policy approved in December says complaints about city employees will be taken up with the administrator. and not go before commissioners.

“You send it to the Administrator and try to get it resolved and that’s the first line of defense but we chose not to do that there’s such a thing as suspending your policy for potential effort and we made no intention to do that,” said Hasan.

Long has an attorney and could take the city to court, but Commissioner Jefferson says that’s not reason enough to silence him.

In the information packet provided to commissioners Long wrote about the lead up to his firing writing, at no time was I counseled, advised or informed of the allegations against me.

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