City leaders make efforts to bring more positive activities for children in the community


LOUISVILLE, G.A. (WJBF) – Local leaders in Jefferson County are making efforts to get to know their community better.

Saturday they hosted the first annual meet and greet event put on by the Peaches and Cream Foundation. Today’s theme was about youth and unity, educating children on the importance of being involved in their community.

“This is what is needed,” said Ella Butcher.

Butcher is the Chairwoman of the non-profit Peaches and Cream Foundation. She’s looking to make a difference in the community of Jefferson County and she says it starts with the children.

“I’m originally from Philadelphia and I moved back here to Georgia, came to Jefferson County and I noticed that there were no recreation activities, nothing for the youth to do,” said Butcher

Butcher feels it’s important for kids in town to get involved.

“Because we so quick to say, oh our youth are getting in trouble and they’re doing this, but if we give them something positive to do and productive, they would not get into a lot of the trouble they’re getting in,” she said.

So, with the help of county commissioners, Butcher organized the first annual “Meet and Greet: It’s all about the Youth and Unity” event.

“We’re bringing in elected officials so the parents, and the people of the community will know who their elected officials are, so we can come together as one and bring programs in the community for the youth,” she said.

County Commissioner Chairman Mitchell McGraw was there. He says there’s no lack of activities; it’s just a lack of participation and support.

“But if they don’t get their encouragment from their parents and their grandparents and the uncles and the ants to play these sports, theyre just going to sit at home on these tvs and computer games and that’s a lot of the problem,” said Chairman McGraw.

The event was also a chance for kids to get to know their city leaders and law enforcement. Chairman McGraw says the pandemic made it hard for city leaders to interact with their community.

“It’s been a hard task as a public official because you’re not out in the public eye like you need to be and be involved with the public,” he said.

McGraw says this event isn’t just important for the kids, but the entire community.

“Hopefully today gives an opportunity for people to come out and meet the sheriff, meet the commissioners and all the elected officials that go to bat for us every day,” he said.

Butcher says often rural communities such as Jefferson get overlooked, and this event proves the town is growing. Saturday the community also showed its appreciation for frontline workers. Free covid tests and vaccines were also available on site.

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