City leaders differ on illegal sign crackdown


AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF) Illegal signs on city right of way so trouble Augusta commissioner Sean Frantom he’ll spend parts of his day picking them up.

“This is a big issue for Augusta it is tough to enforce but I think if we start enforcing it a little bit I think people we get the message and I think the community will help us as well I have citizens who will pick up signs out of right of ways because they know I do it,” said Commissioner Frantom.

Other commissioners may not be picking up illegal signs themselves but have no problem with having code officers write tickets to violators.

“I think we need to I think there’s too many mattress signs this yard sale and this yard sale people just ticking stuff up the wind blows it gets all over our city,” says Commissioner Marion Williams.

The signs maybe illegal but  Mayor Davis doesn’t  know if a crack down on them would be all it’s cracked up to be.

“Given our current staffing levels given our current funding is this the highest and best use of our time and resources so that’s the question,” said Mayor Davis.

“Do you think it is?”

“I’m not saying it is at this time,” said Davis.

“He’s entitled to his opinion I know the people who I talked to and this is a problem across the  entire county they want to see us to do something about it and clean it up,” said Commissioner Frantom.

“Cleaning up and having a beautiful city that’s important how we best do that is really the question,” said Mayor Davis.

The proposed policy change is calling for a 250 dollar fine for the second offense and a 500 dollar fine for a third offense and if the fines are not payed to the Planning Department the violators could lose their businesses license.

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