City Budget passes with garbage fee out, Gold Cross cut still in


AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF) The city of Augusta has a tentative 2017 budget.

City leaders voting 6 to four in favor of the new plan, which balances the budget without a property tax increase.

WJBF NewsChannel sixes George Eskola is live in our newsroom and George, the Mayor insisted the budget would be passed this afternoon but there   were some obstacles    in the way.

Right number one the budget was calling for a five percent increase in garbage rates and coming on the heels of this years storm water fee many commissioners said  that was something they could not support .

But the administrator took that issue off the table by recommending no increase in trash fee

But another line item that had  opposition was the 700 thousand dollar cut in the subsidy  to  Gold Cross for  ambulance service, that stayed in  this budget.

Commission Sean Frantom said  he was disappointed that the Administrator did not provide options for other cuts that would have allow the commission to restore the Gold Cross Cut.

I specifically asked for 700 thousand dollars if gold cross was put back in I was told she didn’t have any changes that’s disappointing because if there were six commissioners up there who would have voted to put gold Cross in we owe the tax payers better than today,” said Commissioner Sean Frantom.

The Landfill was looking for the garbage rate increase to help fund the blighted building demolition program, mosquito control, and cleaning vacant lots the administrator saying her office now will spend the first part of next year evaluating those programs on best to proceed. the landfill director saying  in the short term there should be no series impact on providing those services.

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