Christian Ministry Dance team holding workshop to uplift people during the pandemic


NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C. (WJBF) – Divine Expressions Ministry of Dance, or DEMOD for short, is hosting an “R3 Workshop” to help those who have been struggling emotionally, physically, or spiritually during the pandemic.

DEMOD is a Christian Ministry Dance team committed to reaching the youth and adults of the CSRA. The “R3” in the workshop stands for “Reset, Refresh, and Restore,” and they’re looking to reach people of all ages through dance.

“We want from 5 to 100, it doesn’t matter. Anybody who needs to hear this, everybody needs to hear this,” said Deborah Samuels, Director of Divine Expressions Ministry of Dance.

“They can expect to be taught the biblical foundation of dance. They can expect to learn different forms of dancing, modern dance, to mime to hip hop, learning about our garments, learning about positions and just different things about dance and just having fun and knowing that it can be done through God,” said Renisha Ensley, the group’s assistant choreographer.

“People can expect high energetic dancing. They can expect to learn the basic techniques as far as ballet and a combination of jazz and African. So, just be ready to have fun and have high energy,” said Kaylah Christian, another choreographer for the workshop.

I want to get into more detail about what people are going to be doing at this workshop.

“They’re going to be taught first. The basics of it is the foundation of dance and the biblical form of it. They’re going to learn that first and once they learn that part, we’re going to go through the garments. They’re not necessarily outfits or anything or clothing, they’re sacred garments, and they’re going to be taught why they’re sacred, the pageantry which is our flags and our streamers but then they’re also going to be taught the movements,” said Ensley.

Is this something anyone can do, or do you have to have a background in dance?

“No, this is for anyone, young, old, beginner, advanced, intermediate, whoever,” said Christian.

While there is dancing, DEMOD wants you to know that the workshop is so much more.

“We are not entertainers, we’re not just fillers for a program. If you want us to come, we’re coming to minister, we’re coming to make a difference, we’re coming to have an impact, we’re coming so that when we move, we’re breaking something off. So, when we wear our garments we are not coming up here for form or fashion, we’re coming and standing in the stead of a priest,” said Samuels.

The workshop is Saturday, August 28th, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the Crown Kingdom Cultural Center in North Augusta.

Now, we couldn’t leave with out having the ladies of DEMOD, uplift us by showing us some dance moves.

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