CLEARWATER, SC (WJBF) – Neighbors are reacting just one day after a shooting left a man dead in Clearwater. It happened around 5 o’clock Sunday, with witnesses telling authorities they saw people in several cars shooting at each other.

People who live on the edge of the Valley tells us it was nothing short of the wild wild west and children live in homes nearby. Police said people in four different cars were shooting at each other and one man died.

“We just kind of walked on down there a little bit to see what was going on and they had where they set up those cones on the ground,” said Patrick Fay, a neighbor.

Fay learned about a murder down the street from his home from a neighbor.

“They had 421 completely blocked, and this intersection completely blocked,” he said.

The Coroner’s Office said 22-year-old Deangelo Washington died. Investigators said the crime is connected to an event at Midland Valley High School Sunday night.

Captain Eric Abdullah with Aiken County Sheriff’s Office spoke with NewsChannel 6. He told us, “We can’t say for sure whether they were participants or if they were patrons.”

We spoke with the organizers of the event also, who chose not to go on camera for the story, and they claim the murder is not connected. As for the community, Fay said he’s seen more crime, such as break ins, since he moved in the area two years ago.

“When we first moved in, a house behind us exploded. It was a meth lab,” Fay said.

He mentioned that he sees deputies patrolling the area often. No word yet on any suspects in this case.

Photojournalist: Gary Hipps