***UPDATED SUNDAY, MAY 27 AT 4:15 P.M.***
The Columbia County Sheriff’s Office released an incident report regarding the drowning of a young boy Saturday.  The Sheriff’s Office identified the boy as 6-year-old Jayden Kay, of Augusta.  The deputy stated CPR was being performed on Kay when he arrived by 61-year-old Charles Bailey, of Evans. Bailey, a bystander, told NewsChannel 6 he did not pulled Kay out of the Rivershyre Pool.  He said another person did, but he quickly acted as any parent would have done.  This happened after the boy’s mother, Kendra Kay, began looking for him.  Bailey stated he did not know how long the boy had been under water.  Kendra Kay stated that Jayden was playing in the pool when she last saw him, but that they had not been at the pool that long.  
The Columbia County Coroner reports a young boy drowned in the Rivershyre Subdivision pool, in Evans.  She said it was a 6-year-old from Augusta and his family was visiting a friend.   That family met at the pool and the drowning happened within 15 minutes of arriving Saturday afternoon around 4:00 p.m.  A bystander retrieved the child from the pool and conducted CPR.  The coroner said an ambulance came later and took the 6-year-old to Doctors Hospital where he was pronounced dead just after 5:00 p.m.  The coroner added that he just finished school yesterday.  His identity is being withheld until the entire family is notified.  She also said this is the second child to drown in Columbia County in the past week.