ATLANTA, Ga. (WJBF) – New changes could soon be on its way to Stone Mountain Park in Atlanta, which has giant carvings of confederate leaders.

The changes come after a national outcry that brought down several confederate monuments across the U.S. after race related tensions soared.

The board that oversees Stone Mountain Park in Atlanta plans to move the confederate flags to an obscure location and remove the confederate symbol from its logo.

But the carvings, protected by Georgia law, would stay because the group says its part of the State’s heritage.

Sally Stanhope with the Stone Mountain Action Coalition said, “This is so unfair and un-Democratic and it shows our state doesn’t have the will to carry out the actions of our state.”

Some advocacy groups, like the Stone Mountain Action Coalition, say the confederate statues represent white supremacy and the changes aren’t enough.

“Embarrassing as a Georgian, I feel this does not represent what our state is. It’s a Georgia I don’t want to be associated with,” said Stanhope.

The group says the park needs to eliminate all confederate icons, and not just move the flags.

Bona Allen with the Stone Mountain Action Coalition said, “The Stone Mountain Association can change the street names. Moving the flag to a different location does nothing. They can stop maintaining the carving.”

“We need to make these changes to rid this park of confederate iconography, the names of the landscape features, and take down the flags and replace them with American flags,” said Stanhope.

An exact timeline on the changes is still being evaluated.

The park’s CEO says Stone Mountain’s affiliation with the confederacy plus the pandemic impact has cut revenues by more than half in the past year.

We reached out to the Park’s Board today, but they haven’t commented on the issue or when the changes would take place.