Chance Walsh’s Mother Sentenced To 25 Years In Prison


Sarasota, FL (WFLA) – The North Port, Florida woman accused of killing her 9-week-old son, Chance Walsh, in a disturbing case that made headlines across the country will spend 25 years in prison for her role in the infant’s death.

Kristen Bury pleaded “no contest” to a manslaughter charge as part of a plea deal. She was in court Wednesday when a judge sentenced her to 25 years in prison. Bury will be required to testify against her husband Joseph Walsh as part of the deal.

Detectives say back in September, Joseph Walsh physically abused their 9-week old son by beating him, choking him and forcing a pacifier into his mouth.

Bury did not call 911 and did not seek help. The baby died from the abuse and was left in a crib to decompose. Detectives say Bury and Walsh buried the child in a shallow grave in a wooded area.

Chance Walsh and his parents, 32-year-old Kristen Bury and 36-year-old Joseph Walsh. Sarasota County (FL) Sheriff's Office photos

During Wednesday’s plea hearing, Bury sobbed as the judge announced the sentence. Bury said she suffers from bipolar disorder, borderline personality and depression.View photos of Chance Walsh

Her parents also testified in court and told the judge about Bury’s life.

Bury’s mother, Sally Susino, said her daughter had a happy childhood, but made many mistakes as she became an adult.

“She came from a good old-fashioned family where we sat down for dinner every evening with two parents,” Susino testified.

Susino said her daughter battled drug addiction and also gave up her first child in exchange for a car.

Susino said today marked a second tragedy for her. She first lost her grandson and now she’s losing her daughter, too.RELATED: Document details last minutes of Baby Chance’s life

“By her actions she let my grandson Chance die a horrible death, choosing an abusive husband and drugs over the life of her own child,” said Susino.

“Now our family must suffer ridicule for her selfish actions…my heart is forever broken,” she added.

Bury’s stepfather, John Michael Murawski also spoke.Parents Of Missing 9-Week-Old Florida Baby Stayed At Augusta Hotel

“We had such big plans for [Chance] and we were looking forward to spoiling him. Now we’ll never get to do what grandparents do with their grandchildren, like going on a boat, taking him to his first baseball game, or explaining to him how the sun sets,” said Murawski.

Murawski ended his testimony by saying, “In my eyes, she’s a monster.”Investigation Into Missing 9-Week-Old From Florida Has Ties To Augusta

Bury dropped to her knees and sobbed as she listened to her parents speak about her.

Joseph Walsh is awaiting trial and has been charged with second degree murder for his alleged role in Baby Chance’s death.

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