Celebration of life for cancer survivors at Aiken Regional


AIKEN, S.C. (WJBF) — It was a celebration of life at Aiken Regional Medical Centers on Friday at the annual Cancer Survivors’ Day event.

“I just thrilled to be able to be part of this community,” survivor Michael Hall told NewsChannel 6’s Aiken Bureau Chief Shawn Cabbagestalk about the event.

Hall is one of the dozens of people in this area celebrating life at Aiken Regional. “The surgery was the worst part of it, but the chemo was OK,” survivor Ms. Chadous added.

Some of these survivors have been in remission for several years. For others, this is their first celebration.

“This is my first year,” survivor Cillia Price said. “Here I am 10 years later in total remission,” survivor Sue Ewing exclaimed. “11 years, and my sister’s a survivor of breast cancer for six years,” Collette Miller shared.

The diagnosis runs the gamut for these survivors. “Breast cancer,” Cilla Price said. “Prostate cancer prostate,” Robert Wilson shared. “One-year breast cancer survivor,” survivor Kelle Teeter added. “Testicular cancer,” Hall added. “It was a joyful opportunity for all of them to get together and celebrate,”

It’s the 26th time that the hospital has put on Cancer Survivors’ Day. “I think it’s wonderful,” one survivor added. “Have people come, come together to all know that we want to cure that we all want to celebrate those who survived, those who didn’t, but they’re still part of our lives every single day,” Hall added.

It was a drive-by event with people waving and enjoying festival treats and games straight from the safety of their vehicles.

“I think it’s wonderful,” another survivor added.

“I’ve decorated my car in honor of people that didn’t make it in this ladder of progress and non-medically, you know, efforts since then. And one special friend that is still fighting breast cancer. My friend, Lydia, the rest of it passed on,” survivor Delores Krent said.

The number one advice these survivors have when dealing with a diagnosis is never to give up.

“Go get your checkups and get your treatments and do your breast examinations like you’re supposed,” survivor Eloise P. Kirkland said.

“Never give up trust God, trust in him, and he’ll see you through,” Beverly Allen said.

“One day at times, that’s all we can do, and I enjoy life,” Wilson added.

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