Ridge Spring, SC (WJBF): For many living in the South, the draw of your hometown and your roots can be strong.

This is especially true for those living in Ridge Spring, South Carolina.  Many of the people who live in the small Saluda town are descendants of the original settlers to the area more than 100 years before it was incorporated into a town in 1882.

Ridge Spring got its name because the “fall line” runs directly through the center of town.  This line means that on the southern half of the area, you’ll find sandy soil while on the northern half you’ll start seeing the red clay that is a sign of the piedmont region. 

The people of Ridge Spring are celebrating their heritage in October with the annual Ridge Spring Harvest Festival.  The fun begins on Thursday, October 11th and runs through Saturday October 12th.  The event includes a fireman relay, car show, and an epic “Battle for the Ridge” BBQ cookoff.