AUGUSTA, Ga.– A visit to his cardiologist led to a breast cancer diagnosis for Cecil Herrin. it was an unusual chain of events that would change Herrin’s path, and his purpose, forever.

Back on December 7, 2015, WJBF crews surprised Cecil in a place he’s come to know well: University Hospital’s Breast Health Center. He was surrounded by women he’s come to understand in a way few men do… they are all breast cancer survivors.

Cecil has volunteered over 1,000 hours speaking to groups about breast cancer awareness in women and men, and has raised tens of thousands of dollars through his Basketball Warriors event, the Miracle Mile Walk, and his men’s cancer walk.

Real men don’t just WEAR pink– they put their picture on big pink concrete trucks!

“Immediately said yes! I thought it was pretty nice and I knew that it was going to all construction sites and that’s where men are, And I have had many, many men tell me that they did not know that men could get breast cancer.”

Cecil Herrin got breast cancer four years ago… and his survival story is making a difference in men’s health not only here at home, but across the peach state, thanks to Gov. Nathan Deal. “June is now dedicated to men’s breast cancer and prostate cancer awareness month for the state of Georgia. It will impact a lot of men- and our problem is they won’t talk.”

That’s NOT Cecil’s problem! He awoke from his surgery” with a purpose: “From that moment on I have done nothing but run my mouth.”

An important skill he picked up from his sister survivors, the Pink Magnolias support group.”Cause y’all talk and y’all spread the word by just talking to your friends- men don’t. So hopefully, eventually men will be in the same category as you ladies.”

This year, Cecil Herrin’s Men’s Cancer Walk is set for Saturday, June 3rd at the Columbia County Amphitheater behind the library. For more information, call 706.799.9465.