CONWAY, S.C. (CNN) – Coastal Carolina University’s cheerleading team has been suspended indefinitely for what the school calls a “conduct investigation”.

One cheerleader alleges the investigation involves allegations of prostitution, buying booze to minors and paying people to do their homework.

“She was at campus police last night…”

William Walker spoke about his niece, who is on the CCU cheerleading team.

“9:30, 10 o’clock, calling me just really, really mad. she was more mad than upset.”

Walker’s niece was one of the several cheerleaders he says were taken by CCU officers to the police station after practice last night.

“They had been ripped from practice and were taken to the police station to be investigated.”

WMBF news has requested communications relating to the team, as well as the letter allegedly sent to the school’s president, through a freedom of information act request, the school has denied the request because of a pending investigation.

“I asked her several times, are you sure there’s nobody that could have been doing that? And she said no, absolutely not.”

He says it was an anonymous letter sent to the university’s president that instigated the suspension and investigation.

“I thought that sounded a little ridiculous that somebody on an anonymous letter would completely disrupt and destroy the program.”

University spokespersons can only confirm that, yes, the team has been suspended indefinitely, and a conduct investigation is pending.

They themselves have not mentioned any of the specific accusations.

But we do know two upcoming competitions for the team have since been taken off the schedule.

“They’re very disappointed in the fact that they can’t compete because they’ve all been working very hard.”

One competition was to be held at the HTC center on Tuesday, and the other is the national competition in Daytona Beach, Florida.

Although organizers there say CCU is still registered.

Some team members hit Twitter to express their disbelief and anger, saying…

“and just like that, everything you’ve ever worked for was taken in a blink of an eye.”

At least one former member of this season’s Coastal Carolina Cheerleading team was arrested earlier this year.

Police charged Madison Marie Loader with accessory after the fact to a felony.

Authorities allege she gave a gun to two people in order to hide the weapon from police.