COLUMBIA COUNTY, Ga. (WJBF) – The Columbia County Sheriff’s Office has issued a scam alert for the CSRA.

According to their Facebook page, a man calls claiming to be a deputy with CCSO. He alleges there is a warrant out and money needs to be paid in order not to be arrested.

The scam artist tells the call recipient that they must make payment using a cashier’s check, Money Pac gift card or Green Dot debit card.

Read more from the CCSO below:

Please be aware of scam technique that is being reported to us by citizens of Columbia County. The caller identifies himself as a deputy of the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office. He may spoof the Sheriff’s Office phone number and use the name of an actual deputy from our website. The caller alleges that there is a warrant for your arrest, but if you secure funds in the form of a cashier’s check, Money Pac gift card or Green Dot debit card you can avoid being arrested. The caller sounds believable and pressures the call recipient to go to a money payment site to pay to have the warrants removed from the system. The scam artist is aggressive and threatening in describing the consequences of not paying the fine. If you are contacted by someone identifying himself as Law Enforcement and demanding money, simply hang up. The Columbia County Sheriff’s Office reminds citizens that no law enforcement agency contacts citizens by phone, e-mail or regular mail and tells them to pay fees/fines by wiring money, using pre-paid money cards, using a money telegram, or similar methods.