Carjacking suspect loses pants while being dragged by vehicle


SEATTLE, WA (WCMH) — Police have arrested a carjacking suspect who lost his pants while being dragged by an SUV he attempted to steal.

Sahr Moiwo says a friend’s aunt captured the now infamous video that’s being shared around the world.

“Yeah I’ve been contacted now by so many different stations, like one from Ireland and one from New York,” said Moiwo.

In the video, the SUV can be seen speeding down the street while the carjacking suspect is dragged alongside it with his pants around his ankles.

At one point, the vehicle stops and the suspect attempts to get the driver out, but fails, when the vehicle takes off again.

Police say the suspect attempted and failed to steal several vehicles that day but none more spectacularly than the one in the video.

Police say the suspect was later arrested and the driver of the SUV in the vehicle as treated for his injuries.

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