Car crashes into home after running a red light


Augusta, GA (WJBF) – A scary scene Tuesday afternoon in Augusta, police say a car ran a red light and ended up inside a home.

“I seen this car, the mustang. I seen this car up under this house and then I seen the ambulance pull the lady on the stretcher,” said Vera Waver, a neighbor.

“I just thought it was a little incident, so I jumped up ran to the corner and looked. and I seen the car coming like this, I seen a blue car coming across 15th street right into the house. When I got to the corner right here because I ran, I got to the corner right here, I seen the car was up under the house,” said Elizabeth Lee, a neighbor.

Elizabeth Lee and Vera Waver are both friends and neighbors to the man whose home was hit by a car that police say ran a red light.

“I noticed the police was trying to get the young man out of the house, cause I know he stay in there, just him and his brother Ricky Lee. They couldn’t get him out so I asked could I go to the window and call him and get him out,” said Vera Waver, a neighbor.

It happened on Essie McIntyre and 15th street, right across the road from Josey High School.

“We went to the side window and we knocked and we knocked and he didn’t answer at first,” said Elizabeth Lee, a neighbor.

They say after multiple tries to call him, he finally came out of the home through his backdoor, unharmed.

“I told him somebody had done ran into the front door he couldn’t get out the front,” said Vera Waver, a neighbor.

Neighbors say they’re thankful the home’s owner– Julious Lee– was not on his porch. That’s where they usually see him.

“This the first incident that ever happened like this, thank the lord because they mostly sit on the front porch and they mostly sit on they front porch,” said Elizabeth Lee, a neighbor.

The woman who ran into the home after running the red light is being seen at a local hospital. We are working to find out if she’s facing any charges.

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