COLUMBIA COUNTY, GA ( WJBF) – As Columbia County voters head to the polls, growth is playing a major role in the District 4 commission race.

“The citizens are just worried that the traffic is going to get out of hand, that the schools are going to get overcrowded and those are just some things I’m hearing when I’m talking to residents of district four,” District 4 commission candidate Alison Couch said.

Alison Couch is taking on incumbent Dewey Galeas for the seat in the District 4 race.

She said her platform includes prioritizing the traffic and public safety issues that come along with increased growth.

“I would have to take a look at each part of the district and their particular needs and come up with a game plan according,” Couch said.

The impact of growth is also a key issue for District 4 incumbent commissioner Dewey Galeas.

“Congestion is a reality even in projects that are completed,” Galeas said.

Galeas is running for a second term and said addressing traffic and congestion as well as handling growth with new projects will be part of his focus if re-elected.

“New projects need to be delayed if the traffic mitigation is not present. If the builder or developer needs to assume the cost, it is preferable that they need to do that as opposed to the taxpayer doing so,” Galeas said.

Election Day is May 24.