Augusta, Ga (WJBF) Augusta voters weeded the field for mayor from nine to two, and these two candidates will be the signs of the times. 

Garnett Johnson spent day one of the runoff campaign gathering up his political signs, the political newcomer promising to stick to the script. that landed him in the runoff. 

 “We continue to have the same message, that we started with growth action and results most importantly a conversation nobody else is having who’s standing on the side of the taxpayers of Richmond County,” said Johnson.   

Steven Kendrick also picked up the partial victory Tuesday night, he says getting supporters back to the polls will be key in the runoff. 

 “We got to get those voters back out who liked what I do liked what I had to offer that engage some of the new folks and bring them into the fold too.” said Kendrick. 

 When elected either Johnson or Kendrick will be working with Augusta Commissioners, some on the board are endorsing Kendrick. 

 Alvin Mason’s election victory Tuesday means he will remain a part of the commission but he’s not endorsing a candidate in the runoff. 

“That’s a bad mistake, the situation is this when you are sitting already in a position as a commissioner you do not want to give the idea is that you are for one or the other, George I can work with anybody,” said Mason. 

 The runoff means more work for the election’s office, every city polling place will be open June 21st, and this will cost between 150 and two hundred thousand dollars, and the city will need to find the funding 

“We don’t budget for runoffs, so we have a contingency budget, so as a new director I get to go before the commission and ask for more money,” said Elections Director Travis Doss.  

With next month’s runoff there will also be an advance voting period, that gets started by state law no later than June 13th in Augusta George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6.