AUGUSTA, Ga ( WJBF)- Three candidates are on the ballot for District 2 Richmond County Board of Education:

  • Larry Fryer — A long time reverend and former educator
  • Yiet Knight — Owner of Universal Childcare and Learning Center and mother.
  • Charlie Hannaa — Currently serving as the boards President and hoping to continue what he started.

Fryer says he will focus on school safety and preventing gun violence.

“I want the community involved even more than they are now because they can help bring about a change parents and for you students and for you,” said Rev. Fryer.

Knight says it’s important for schools to work with families.

“If we can go and meet the families where they if we can go into the community and meet them where they are and if  we can put a village together for our school system,” said Knight.

And as technology advances – Hannah advocates more tech learning in classrooms. 

“Things are different now as we have become a more of a technology service society, we have a generation of children that are more they feel they’ll be more productive intellectually,” said Hannah.

Each candidate says,  there are many things that set them apart from each other, as qualified people for the job.

I have real world experience in the areas of education and politics I have real world experience as a substitute teacher as an athletic coach as a mentor” said Hannah.  

“I am a community servant there are many persons or politicians or whatever they are but I know I am a community servant,” said Rev. Fryer.

And when it comes to Knight being the only female candidate in District 2 ……

“Not giving up even when the the odds were low not giving up sticking to my guns and I let my yes be my yes and I let my no the man no,” said Knight.