Cancer Answer – Nutrition Classes at University Hospital


A nutritious diet can affect your overall health and quality of life.

University Hospital offers ways to help you plan balanced meals to meet your needs. Kimberely Scott met with a dietician to talk about the program in this month’s Cancer Answer report.

We’ve all heard that an apple a day keeps the doctor away….and apparently it helps on the pathway to health.

Bethany Suddreth, Dietitian University Hospital, “so nutrition is important for so many reasons it affects overall health and quality of life.”

Bethany is a Registered Dietitian at University Hospital offers one on one nutrition counseling as well as group nutrition counseling to any patient facing a diagnosis, ” some of the patients I might see, might be cancer patients, patients with heart disease, lung disease, I see a lot of the cardio-pulmonary rehab patients.”

Also Bethany says a good healthy diet works with medication and treatments, “so especially for cancers. if a patient has cancer and is going thru chemotherapy or radiation therapy, there might be certain things that come up, maybe they lose their appetite or have some mouth sores that your dealing with…we can make sure your outcome is where it needs to be.”

How much you eat is just as important as what you eat, “these really show what counts as a small serving, when I talk about a fruit, one serving of fruit is going to be about the size of a small apple or a small fist.”

“We also talk about vegetables and a small serving size of vegetables, so a half a cup of cooked vegetables maybe about what fits in the palm of my hand.”

According to Bethany organic fruits and vegetables are not filled with more nutrients than regularly farmed food, “they only use pesticides and herbicide that are on the approved list for organic foods, but generally speaking they are not higher in nutritional value, than foods that are not organic.”

So eating right can keep you healthy and help as you journey toward better health.

Nutrition classes for Cancer patients are scheduled for April 15th, May 20th and June 17th all at 9am.Contact University Hospitals Nutrition Services for more information at 706-288-3079.

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