The Means Report: Can ISIS Ever Be Defeated?
The Means Report: Can ISIS Ever Be Defeated?

Augusta, GA — The massacre on a Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida just seven short days ago was carried out in the name of ISIS. While the FBI believes the “mission” was not orchestrated by the extremist group itself, it is still one of many carried out in the name of the radical Islamic sect.

Dr. Craig Albert is a Political Scientist with Augusta University; he joined “The Means Report” to offer his expertise on ISIS, terrorism, and if stricter gun laws will help protect the citizens of the United States. Some of those answers are frank, and quite disturbing — including Al Qaeda’s opinion of ISIS.

“Al-Qaeda believes that ISIS is too brutal.”

There is also no compromise for ISIS, Dr. Albert explains, because ISIS simply doesn’t believe in compromise. He does offer some hope in terms of understanding the ISIS theology. Dr. Albert believes that with better understanding of their beliefs, the US stands a better chance of thwarting the propaganda used to recruit members.

When asked, however, if we can keep guns out of the “bad guys’ hands” his answer was simply “no”. Dr. Albert went on to explain, though, that if a criminal wants a gun, they will find a way to get one — whether it is through legal channels or not.

This fascinating interview with Dr. Craig Albert gives great insight into the war we are fighting, including the fact that ISIS actually does care who our next president is.