Calls for forensic credit card audit faces opposition


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Augusta commissioners were unanimous in approving developing a credit card policy. Some believe it doesn’t go far enough and they want a forensic audit of the mayor’s credit card charges.

Commissioners say it’s put a charge in their voters and that’s the expenditures on city credit cards.

“I’m here for the citizens of Augusta. I think many of them are outraged and concerned about their tax dollars and where they’re going,” said Commissioner Catherine Smith McKnight.

The mayor’s credit card use is raising concerns with tens of thousands of dollars in charges going to former staff members, video production companies, restaurants and hotels, that has some commissioners saying a forensic audit is needed.

“Let’s hire a completely different outside audit company let them do a forensic audit on the entire finances of the city of Augusta,” said Commissioner John Clarke.

With the city’s external auditors working now the mayor proposed having them expand their duties and look at city credit card charges and some commissioners are satisfied that’s a better way to go.

“The audit the mayor wants to use with the city is fine it will tell you if there is any wrongdoing,” 
 said Commissioner Dennis Williams.

“Some of the commissioners have already looked into it we could pretty much tell you the mayors within budget the mayor has done some things with his credit card that are in line with what he should do with his office,” said Mayor Pro-Tem Bobby Williams.

“You wouldn’t support a forensic audit?”

“I wouldn’t support the cost, unless the audit that we are currently using comes back up with some damaging information,” said Dennis Williams.

“They’re paid to do a certain type of audit they do it well let’s go a little bit deeper,” said Commissioner Clarke.

Mayor Davis says now asking the city auditors to look at his credit card charges is something his office can do however, with the cost of a forensic audit that would likely require six votes of the commission.

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