#Update | May 6th, 2022 (WJBF) – As of Friday morning, Walker is no longer in the Richmond County Jail.

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)– Tuesday’s Augusta-Richmond County Commission meeting ended in a scuffle and an arrest Warrant for Dayon Walker, a local business owner accused of punching Mayor Pro Tem Bobby WIlliams. Walker turned himself in on a battery charge Thursday. 

Walker first attempted to turn himself in Thursday morning, but was told there was no arrest warrant for him in the system. Hours later, he was back again to surrender for the second time in one day.

Chief Deputy Marshall Scott Peebles says the mix up was simply a clerical error.

“I don’t know. They just told me to come back,” Walker said.

The confusion stems from Tuesday’s dispute. After the scuffle, Walker says he was detained at the municipal building while the Marshal reviewed security footage.

“Marshall Corporal Bill Probus, you told me that the footage that you saw showed him pushing me. You then said I had two things correct. That he pushed me, and that I was free to go the day the incident happened. My wife heard it, you know you said it. I shouldn’t be going through this ridicule,” Walker said.

NewsChannel 6 obtained the municipal building’s security camera footage from both ends of the hallway where the altercation happened. Walker says he believes the video shows Williams making the first move.

“At no point did I deserve to be touched by a sitting city official. You don’t put your hands on people no matter the situation,” Walker said. “I hope that both sides of this story come out so I can have some clarification around my name.”

District 3 Commissioner Catherine Smith-McKnight says the Augusta-Richmond County Commission’s reputation ended up with the black eye.

“We need to be held accountable as to how we should act and how we should conduct ourselves. We’re supposed to be doing the people’s work. That’s not the people’s work. We shouldn’t be acting like that,” Commissioner Smith-McKnight said.

Walker says he plans to bail himself out of jail later in the day on Thursday. He says he hopes to pursue legal action against Mayor Pro Tem Williams, whom he claims made the first move.