WJBF Investigates: Thomson dealership shuts down after dozens of complaints

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MCDUFFIE COUNTY, Ga. (WJBF-TV) — A McDuffie County, Georgia used car dealership is no longer open after the state shut it down for alleged bad business practices.

AutoSource Unlimited in Thomson has had dozens of complaints from customers about bad cars, bad warranties and problems with car titles and tags.

The Washington Road dealership used to be lined with dozens of used cars, but now it’s empty.

The Georgia Secretary of State’s Used Car Board asked the dealer to surrender his state license.

It’s evident from the weeds growing on the property that the dealership hasn’t been open in months.

The front door is full of letters from the courts, one urging those with complaints to go to the sheriff’s office.

“It’s like a chop shop. They had top of the line cars,” Collision Pros employee Shawn Sturgis said.

The Better Business Bureau has revoked AutoSource’s accreditation and given it an F-rating because of 35 complaints.

“Complaints against this company generally allege that consumers are having difficulty receiving titles on vehicles after purchase,” the BBB said,

One customer wrote: “It took six months to finally get the title, even then I had to do all the leg work. I was given excuse after excuse and lie after lie.”

“The owner, he was okay, but as I started to talk to him, you could tell that there was some suspicious stuff going on,” Sturgis said.

Employees of nearby businesses say they consistently heard of sketchy things going on at AutoSource Unlimited.

One even says he saw mechanics removing VIN numbers from vehicles.

“They seemed kind of weird. They didn’t want to talk to you,” Sturgis said.

“They had dashboard’s out of Lexuses and Rolls-Royces and stuff like that. Windshields and stuff were taken out that didn’t need to be taken out and stuff like that,” Sturgis said.

If you have a complaint about AutoSource Unlimited, the McDuffie County Sheriff’s Office asks that you call them at (706) 595-2040.

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