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HEPHZIBAH, GA — Some Craigslist personal ads are creating quite the buzz on social media.

The posts say someone is in the process of opening a nude beach in south Augusta.

They could be found in the personal encounters section of the website, but they have since been taken down.

The ads said:

“Have fun in the sun. Nude Beach. El Ranchero. 21 years and older. Bring your own beer.”

Image taken from a Craigslist personal ad.

The listed address is the same as Graystone Ranch’s address.

Graystone, which used to house exotic and farm animals, closed down last year.

“About 10:30 last night, my phone was ringing off the hook,” Graystone Ranch Owner Rusty Eskew said.

Eskew says he has no plans to turn his property into a nude beach or resort.

He doesn’t know who created the personal ads, but he says they are fraudulent.

“Somebody sent me a text message and said you may need to go look at Facebook. When I went to Facebook I realized that I didn’t have a Facebook. I had been shut down because it was reported as a bogus person,” Eskew said.

Eskew, who is a deputy at the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office, says someone created another Facebook in his name to create the Craigslist post.

Now both accounts have been tagged by the social media site.

The law enforcement officer says he doesn’t know who is behind this, but he is definitely investigating the ads.

The number listed on the ads is a local number, however, it’s a Google Voice number.

News Channel 6 called the number to see if we could get any information, but nobody answered so we left a message.

Eskew says when he finds out who is behind the ads, he will prosecute.

He’s currently working with Facebook to get his account back.As always, if you have a story you want me to look into, email me at mmiller3@wjbf.com.

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