The Stone of November

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November is the month of giving thanks. It is also the November birthday season! November’s birthstone is the golden citrine gemstone. This member of the quartz family is said to symbolize truth and integrity with a warm and elegant feel. This gemstone ranges from pale yellow to a brownish orange color and gets its name from the citron fruit because of these lemon-looking shades.

History and Meaning

The citrine gemstone has been called the “sun stone” and is thought to be capable of holding sunlight. Strangely enough, it is said to be useful in the protection from snakebite. According to ancient Chinese legend, the citrine gemstone was reserved for generous people only and named it “The Stone of Success.” The stone’s yellow/orange color is associated with cheerfulness and lightheartedness. During the Middle Ages, this birthstone was known as “the merchant’s stone” and was believed to bring prosperity and wealth to those who wore it.

Fun Facts

  1. Associated with gold and wealth, citrine was believed to bring prosperity to those who wore it. This meant that a lot of people kept the stone with them in order to attract achievement and profit.
  2. In Scotland in the 16th century, citrine was used to decorate knives and kilt pins.
  3. Citrine was popularized by Hollywood during the 1920s and 30s and with the return to vintage and the Art Deco fashions it has begun to regain its popularity.
  4. This gemstone was believed to have magical powers and was worn as a talisman to ward away evil thoughts as well as snake venom.

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