Social Security Administration warns public about scam calls

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The Inspector General is warning citizens about impersonation schemes after an increase in reports about suspicious phone calls claiming to be from the Social Security Administration.

Ale Scarpa says the scam calls just keep coming in… “One was at 6 in the morning.” And she’s not the only one.

According to one report, nearly half of all calls will come from scammers by next year.

“It seems to only get worse”

Now officials are warning about the latest scheme – fraudsters claiming to be from the Social Security Administration.

“The scams we’ve been seeing lately is that your social security number has been deactivated. The social security administration does not deactivate accounts,” explained Jennifer Walker, Assistant Inspector General for Investigations.

It’s robocalls in some cases, providing a phony call-back number or website to steal your personal and financial information.

Some are human callers, using a fake name and government affiliation to ask for your social security number, address or date of birth.

“It is on very very rare occasions that someone from the social security administration would call an individual,” Walker said.

Those consumers would likely be expecting the call and have ongoing business with the social security administration.  

For any unsolicited calls, keep your guard up and don’t be fooled by caller ID.

Scammers can mimic an official number or local area code.

“If you ever feel threatened or pressured to provide any sort of information, go with gut instinct, hang up,” Walker said.

If you fear there could be a legitimate issue contact the government entity directly to verify the call. 

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